1-1/4 Inch S-Trap PVC Plastic
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Shipping: (EA) $4.49
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1-1/4 Inch S-Trap PVC Plastic


Tubular Drain Selection Guide

1-1/4 Inch Size tubular fittings are used for most bathroom application and 1-1/2 Inch size tubular drain fittings are used for most kitchen and other drain applications.



These fittings are used to exstend a tube in a drain applications

Threaded Tail Pieces                    Flanged Tail Pieces                     Slip Joint Tail Pieces

Brass Plastic       Plastic

Brass   Brass


Drain traps are placed between a sink or other drain and it holds water in it to keep smells from coming back through the drain.

J-Bend Drain Traps   Plastic Or Brass

LA Pattern Drain Trap Plastic Or Brass

P-Trap Plastic Or Brass

S-Trap Plastic Or Brass


Drain Couplings  Plastic Brass

45 Degree Elbows   Plastic Brass

90 Degree Elbows   Plastic Brass

Tee    Plastic Brass

Disposal Tee   Plastic Brass

Waste Connectors   Plastic  Brass


Use photos to ID your replacement parts.  Lester Says "If you left click your mouse you can download the photo and use your photo software to size to full size to to make sure the part is what you need.


Shipping: (EA) $4.49