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Ask Lester

Lester The Old Time Hardware Store Man can help you find the repair part you need.  Just answer the questions below and submit a photo.  The more information you provide the greater the chance we will find the part you are looking for.

  • Help Plastic, Metal, both, don't know give us the best guess you have.
    Help Faucet, Lawn Mower, Tool Box what are you trying Fix?
  • The more information the better. You may also include a phone number and the best time to call you if we have questions regarding your part.

  • Help Submit a photo of your part like the one below. Please place a quarter in the photo.

    If you don't have the part take a picture of where it goes. If we Don't have a picture we probably won't be able to help you!!!!!

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Sample photo: Take multiple views if you need to. 


Ask about Lester's Guarantee

How Sure is Lester? Well if he is Very sure he will send you a certificate like below. This will give 100% satisfaction.

Make sure you let emails from customerservice@homefixitparts.com through your email and spam filters so we can reply to your request.