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Valves and Repair Parts

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Plumbing parts: valves

Valves and Repair Parts

This Drawer has practically every type Plumbing Valves and repair parts you may need. If you don't know what type of valves you want try our Plumbing Valves Selection Guide

We have those hard to find valves and repair parts! If you need Gate, Globe or Ball Valves we have the best selection on the web! We also sell supply stops and repair parts for all of them!  At Homefixitparts.com we have thousands of valves and just the right valve for your project.

A - Z Index and Glossary for Plumbing Valves and Repair parts:

For Detailed Drawer Descriptions for Valves and Repair Parts Click Here

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Valve Adapters

Angle valves
Ball Valves
Barrel Valves
Bleeder Caps
Boiler Drain


Brass Stop Cocks
Check Valves
Chrome Hose Bibbs
Compression Fittings Valves

Covers and Locks
Cooler Valve
Drain Cocks

Earthquake Shut Off
Float Valves
Foot Valves

Frost Proof
Frost Proof Parts

Garden Valves
Gas Ball Valves
Gas Cocks
Gas Safety Shut Off
Gate Valves
Globe Valves
Hose Bibbs
Hose Bibbs Decorative

Locks and Covers
Mini Ball Valves
Molasses Valves

Miscellaneous Repair parts

Molasses Valve
Needle Valve
PVC Ball
PVC Gate
Saddle Tees
Saddle Valves
Self Closing
Sillcock Valves

Sillcock Keys

Special Finish Valves
Spring Loaded Check

Stainless Steel Ball Valve
Stop and Waste
Supply Stops Compression
Supply Stops Quarter Turn
Supply Stops Texas Pattern

Sweat Ball Valves
Sweat Gate
Swing Check
Under Ground Stop Valves
Valve Handles
Washing Machine

Hundreds of Plumbing valves and repair parts!

Kits Plumbing valves: Fireplace Valves: Special Finish Valves: Covers and Locks Valves: sillcocks keys Float Valves Valves: compression Back flow Preventers Valves: Drinking Mini Ball Valves: AdaptersValves: Barrel ValvesValves: Sweat Ball valves Valves: PVC BballValves: PVC glue on ball Valves: Stainless Steel ball valves Valves: garden Valves: cooler drain Valves: sweat gate Valves: ball Valves Valves: stop and waste Valves: swing check Valves: hose bibbs Valves: chrome hose bibbs Valves: frost proof Valves: boiler drain Valves: sillcocks Valves: gate Valves: PVC Gate Valves Valves: compression Valves: PVC glue on ball Valves: needle valve Valves: globe Valves: spring loaded check Valves: washing machine Valves: self closing Valves: gas cocks Valves: gas ball Valves: earthquake shut off Valves: angle valves Valves: under ground stop and drain Valves: saddle tees Valves: saddle Valves: boxes Valves: bleeder caps Valves: handles Valves: frost proof parts Valves: drain cocksShow Drain Cocks Valves: miscellaneous parts Valves: check Plumbing valves: foot valves Hose bibbs decorative plumbing valves Plumbing valves: molasses valves Plumbing valves: supply stops compression valves Plumbing valves: supply stops quarter turn Plumbing valves: supply stops Texas pattern Plumbing valves: cooler valves Plumbing valves: under ground stop valves Plumbing valves: float valves Toilet repair: sillcock keys