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Part #P2-04-210
Brand: Kohler

Installation instructions
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Part (EA):  $28.99 Retail price:  $31.49
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Kohler Ballcock Assembly 1-1BX Style for Kohler K-9269 30673 84499 For San Raphael 3397 Rialto 3402 Pillow Talk 3378 Palarre 3383 Rochelle 3385 Cabernet 3401 3408 toilets.

This unit is the same as the unit offered in the Kohler 84499 repair kit. It is not made by Kohler but an import unit.

Installation Instructions

Step 1 : Turn Off Water.

Step 2:  Flush Toilet to remove water.

Step 3:  Lift Lid Lester says "Use a sponge or towel to remove any water from the bottom of the tank"

Step 4:  Remove the supply nut from the bottom of the toilet ballcock unit.

Step 5:  Remove the Ballcock Jamb nut from the ballcock.

Step 6:  Pull the old ballcock out from the top of the tank.

Step 7:  Push the new ballcock shank washer over the bottom thread of the ballcock.

Step 8:  Insert the new Ballcock through the hole from the top inside of the tank.

Step 9:  Screw the ballcock nut from below the tank. Lester says "Make sure the float arm is in the correct position"

Step 10:  Secure the jamb nut until tight use adjustable wrench or pliers

Step 11:  Attach the float and float rod if applicable and refill tube.

Step 12:  Reconnect the supply line to the ballcock

Step 13:  Turn on water and always check for leaks.  Lester says "check the angle stop valve later as they tend to leak after they have been turned off"

Step 14:  Flush toilet check for water spraying in the tank.


Close up picture of units Diverter Valve Less hose that is included in the assembly

If after you install the unit you don't get a large enough water spot in the bowl you can:

1 make sure the butterfly valve pictured below is set to the Horizontal Position ------ that send the maximum amount of water to the bowl through the rim feed tube.

2 If you still don't get the water spot large enough you can remove the rim feed diverter float.


Other Items

Tools Needed:

Other Items:


Flush Lever

Diverter valve for this unit Not other 1B1X models

Repair Kit for This Unit Not other 1B1X models

Rim Diverter hose

Old Style Flapper    

New style Kohler Flapper OEM

New Style Flapper Made in USA

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