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Hardware Repair Parts @ The Old Time Hardware Store

hardware repair parts

A - Z Index and Glossary for Hardware Repair Parts:

We are adding lots of hardware repair parts items everyday.  if you don't see what you need ask Lester he can help you find your Hardware repair parts.  We have all the items you need to fix it rather than replace it!

Hardware Repair Parts


Regular bolt or Eye bolt and U bolts we have the bolts you need.

Hardware Repair Parts

Corner brackets to mending plates we have the brackets you need

Hardware Repair Parts
Bumpers and Protectors

Rubber cork and plastic bumpers as well as felt to help protect floors and furniture

Hardware Repair Parts Cabinet Hardware

Cabinet Hardware

Thousands of Cabinet knobs and pulls.  We also have appliance pulls

Hardware Repair Parts

Cabinet Hardware(General)

Small hinges and latches in special colors and some small knobs

Hardware Repair Parts Chain


This drawer Has regular chain and bead Chain and bead chain accessories

Hardware Repair Parts

Chain and Cable Accessories

All kinds of hooks and snaps and rings if it hooks up to a chain or a cable look in this drawer

Hardware Repair Parts

Child Safety

All the products you need to keep your child safe.  electrical to corner protectors look in this drawer

Hardware Repair Parts

Closet Door Hardware

If your closet door opens on a hinge or slides on a track as well as bi-fold type doors those repair parts are in this drawer

Hardware Repair Parts


Fix a corner with brackets in this drawer

Hardware Repair Parts Crutch Tips

Crutch Tips

We have replacement crutch tips in black and white

Hardware Repair Parts

Door Hardware

If it fits on the door or helps you put a door in, things like viewers and stops are in this drawer. If you need a hinge look below

Hardware Repair Parts
Door Hinges

from 1 inch to 5 inch this is the drawer for hinges

Hardware Repair Parts
Dowel Pins and Plugs

Wood plugs buttons and pins are in this drawer and you can get biscuits for joining.  If you need a jig it is in this drawer also.

Hardware Repair Parts Door Stops

Door Stops

Wedge type Hinge Type door stops flip down  and wall mount door stops that will stop that door!

Hardware Repair Parts Door Bells

Door Bells

We have decorative door bell buttons to make your door bell spectacular.

Hardware Repair Parts Door Viewers

Door Viewers

We have decorative door viewers to make your peep hole spectacular.

Hardware Repair Furniture Parts

Furniture Parts

This drawer has many furniture tips and glides

Hardware Repair Parts

Gate Hardware

If you need to hang or fix a gate those parts are here.  Just need a new latch we have them at Homefixitparts

Hardware Repair Parts

Grommets and Snaps

Want to put a new snap or grommet in a tarp we have them and the tools to do it.

Hardware Repair Parts

Put a handle on that suitcase or get a new pull they are in this drawer

Hardware Repair Parts

S hooks, Swag hooks and cup hooks are in this drawer

Hardware Repair Parts
How To Books

Need a help book look in here!

Hardware Repair Parts
Keys and Accessories

Chains to blanks are in this drawer.  need key tags look in here.

Hardware Repair Parts
Latches and Bolts

Barrel bolts are in this drawer

Hardware Repair Parts
Letters and Numbers

House to boat if you need letters or numbers they are here by size.

Hardware Repair Parts

Pad lock and other type lock are in this drawer

Hardware Repair Parts

If you need to add to your magnetic personality we have the magnet you need bard to horse shoe.

Hardware Repair Parts

Angle iron to sheet metal

Hardware Repair Parts

We don't care what room you want to organize from office to garage the parts you need to do it right are here.

Hardware Repair Parts
Picture Hanging

Hooks for pictures and mirrors

Hardware Repair Parts

Plant Hanging

Hooks to chain if you want to hang a plant it is here.

Hardware Repair Parts

Rope Cord and Straps

Need 100 feet of rope or a new bungee or rubber strap poly to sisal we have the rope you will need.

Hardware Repair Parts

Screen Door Hardware

If you need parts for a screen door look here

Hardware Repair Parts Signs


We have ADA signs for your commercial needs and if you just want a sign for your garage sale or pool we have all the sign of times.

Hardware Repair Parts

Sliding Glass Door Hardware

If it goes to a sliding glass door we have the handles and rollers you need. Check out our selection guide

Hardware Repair Parts
Stair and Hand Rails

We have stuff for hand rails

Hardware Repair Parts


Duct to safety tape we have the tape you need, Orange to plain old silver duct .

Hardware Repair Parts


Need a new wheel or tire for your hand truck or trash can we have them from 1 inch to 15 inches or if you just need the accessories to help you mount them we have that in this drawer.

Hardware Repair Parts

Truth Window Hardware

Truth be known we have a great selection of hardware for Truth window from sliders to casement.

Hardware Repair Parts

Wheels and Tires

Need a new wheel or tire for your hand truck or trash can we have them from 1 inch to 15 inches or if you just need the accessories to help you mount them we have that in this drawer.

Hardware Repair Parts

Window Hardware

Sliding or double hung we have all the parts to fix your window.  You don't want to buy a new window RIGHT!

Hardware Repair Parts

Window Screen Hardware

All the parts to fix any type screen.

Lots of Hardware Repair Parts!

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