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Electrical Repair Parts Department

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Electrical repair parts

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A - Z Index and Glossary:

Many Parts in a lot of categories.  Audio and Video Electrical Repair Parts, Parts for your computer. Hard to find Light Bulbs!  Telephone Items you just can't find in most hardware stores.  Tools for that Electrical Job.  If you don't find what you need ask Lester He can help you find the parts you need. 


Audio Adapters
Audio Converters
Audio Plates
Audio RCA Cables
Audio Wire

Automatic Door Parts
Automatic Door Parts Openers

Bath Fans
Bath Fans Grills
Bath Fans Motors

Batteries 9 Volt
Batteries AA Size
Batteries AAA Size
Batteries C Size
Batteries D Size
Batteries Hearing Aid
Batteries Keyless Entry
Batteries Lantern
Batteries N2 Size
Batteries Watch and Calculator

Cat 5 Assembly
Cat 5 Boxes
Cat 5 Keystone Jacks
Cat 5 Modules
Cat 5 Patch Cords
Cat 5 Patch Panels
Cat 5 Punchdown Chassis
Cat 5 Termination Blocks
Cat 5 Wall Plates

Ceiling Fans and Parts
Ceiling Fans 1/2 Inch Down Rods
Ceiling Fans 3/4 Inch Down Rods
Ceiling Fans Balancing Kits
Ceiling Fans Canopy Kits
Ceiling Fans Medallions
Ceiling Fans Pull Chains
Ceiling Fans Remote Switches
Ceiling Fans Screws
Ceiling Fans Support Boxes
Ceiling Fans Switches

Circuit Breakers
Circuit Breakers Bryant
Circuit Breakers Challenger
Circuit Breakers Cutler Hammer
Circuit Breakers Federal Pacific / Stabloc
Circuit Breakers GE
Circuit Breakers Homeline
Circuit Breakers Murray
Circuit Breakers PushMatic
Circuit Breakers Square D
Circuit Breakers Zinsco

Clamping 1 Hole Straps
Clamping 2 Hole Straps EMT
Clamping 2 Hole Straps Rigid
Clamping Beam Clamps
Clamping Cable Ties
Clamping CAT 5 Staples
Clamping Coax Staples
Clamping Grommets
Clamping Hangers
Clamping Insulated Clamps
Clamping Low Voltage Wire Staples
Clamping Nail Straps
Clamping Nylon Straps
Clamping Romex Wire Staples
Clamping Strapping
Clamping Straps
Clamping Wire Clips

Computer Adapters
Computer Cat 5 Cables
Computer Cat 5 Jacks
Computer Cords
Computer DVI-D Cables
Computer Optical Digital Cables
Computer USB Cords
Computer VGA Cables
Computer Wire
Connectors and Plugs
Connectors and Plugs 15 Amp Grounding
Connectors and Plugs 15 Amp Non-Grounding
Connectors and Plugs 20 Amp Grounding
Connectors and Plugs 20 Amp Twist
Connectors and Plugs 30 Amp Twist
Connectors and Plugs 30 Amp Twist
Connectors and Plugs Inline Outlet
Connectors and Plugs Motor Base Plug
Connectors and Plugs Range and Dryer
Connectors and Plugs Remove
Cutters Diagonal

Decorative Wall Plates
Decorative Wall Plates Antique Brass
Decorative Wall Plates Arabesque
Decorative Wall Plates Brass
Decorative Wall Plates Brushed Nickel
Decorative Wall Plates Children Theme
Decorative Wall Plates Chrome
Decorative Wall Plates Clear Plastic
Decorative Wall Plates Copper
Decorative Wall Plates Flowers and Garden
Decorative Wall Plates Honey Steel
Decorative Wall Plates Ivory
Decorative Wall Plates Maple Wood
Decorative Wall Plates Mirror
Decorative Wall Plates Oak
Decorative Wall Plates Oak
Decorative Wall Plates Oil Rubbed Bronze
Decorative Wall Plates Pewter
Decorative Wall Plates Porcelain
Decorative Wall Plates Rust Finish
Decorative Wall Plates Satin Silver
Decorative Wall Plates Stone Look
Decorative Wall Plates Unfinished Wood
Decorative Wall Plates White

Door Bells
Door Bells Battery Chimes
Door Bells Batterys
Door Bells Buttons
Door Bells Buzzers and bells
Door Bells Replacement Buttons
Door Bells Transformers
Door Bells Wire
Door Bells Wired Chimes
Door Bells Wireless Chimes

Electro Static Protection
Electro Static Protection Bags
Electro Static Protection Foot Straps
Electro Static Protection Mats
Electro Static Protection Testers
Electro Static Protection Wrist Straps

Extension Cords
Extension Cords 10 Gauge 3 Wire
Extension Cords 12 gauge 3 Wire
Extension Cords 14 gauge 3 Wire
Extension Cords 16 Gauge 2 Wire
Extension Cords 16 Gauge 3 Wire
Extension Cords 18 Gauge 2 Wire
Extension Cords Adapters
Extension Cords Appliance
Extension Cords Clamp Lamps
Extension Cords Reels
Extension Cords Replacement Cords
Extension Cords Stake lights
Extension Cords Switches
Extension Cords Trouble Lite Cages
Extension Cords Vacuum
Extension Cords Work Lights and Cages

Flash Lights AA Size
Flash Lights AAA Size
Flash Lights Accessories
Flash Lights C Size
Flash Lights Crank Type
Flash Lights D Size
Flash Lights Disposable
Flash Lights Key Chain
Flash Lights Lanterns
Flash Lights Lens
Flash Lights Rechargeable
Flash Lights Touch
Flashlights LED
Flashlights Mini
Flashlights Shakeable

Florescent Lighting
Florescent Lighting Ballasts
Florescent Lighting Covers
Florescent Lighting Sockets
Florescent Lighting Starters
Florescent Lights Sockets

Fuses 1 Amp and Over
Fuses 10 Amps to 14 Amps
Fuses 100 Amps
Fuses 100 Amps and Above
Fuses 15 Amps to 19 Amps
Fuses 2 Amps and Over
Fuses 20 Amps
Fuses 25 Amps
Fuses 3 Amps and Over
Fuses 30 Amps
Fuses 35 Amps
Fuses 4 Amps
Fuses 40 Amps
Fuses 45 Amps
Fuses 5 Amps
Fuses 50 Amps
Fuses 6 Amps and Over
Fuses 60 Amps
Fuses 7 Amps and Over
Fuses 70 Amps
Fuses 8 Amps
Fuses 80 Amps
Fuses 9 Amps
Fuses 90 Amps
Fuses Adapters
Fuses Assortments
Fuses Christmas Light
Fuses Holders
Fuses Less Than 1 Amp
Fuses Links
Fuses Microwave
Fuses Mini Breakers

Lamp Parts
Lamp Parts Adapters
Lamp Parts Bead Chain
Lamp Parts Canopys
Lamp Parts Chain
Lamp Parts Collars
Lamp Parts Cord Bushings
Lamp Parts Cords
Lamp Parts Finials
Lamp Parts Fixture Straps
Lamp Parts Lamp Balls
Lamp Parts Lamp Harps
Lamp Parts Lamp Kits
Lamp Parts Lamp Nipples
Lamp Parts Lamp Screws
Lamp Parts Lamp Shade Risers
Lamp Parts Light Bulb Sockets
Lamp Parts Lock Nuts and Washers
Lamp Parts Loops
Lamp Parts Replacement Glass
Lamp Parts Rings and Washers
Lamp Parts Socket Knobs and Keys
Lamp Parts Swag Hooks
Lamp Parts Swag Lamp Kits
Lamp Parts Tools

Light Bulbs
Light Bulbs Automotive
Light Bulbs Emergency
Light Bulbs Flash Light
Light Bulbs Fluorescent
Light Bulbs Halogen
Light Bulbs Indicator
Light Bulbs Landscape
Light Bulbs Misc
Light Bulbs Removal Tools
Light Bulbs Spot and Flood

Lighting Closet Lites
Lighting Exit and Emergency
Lighting Night Lights
Lighting Replacement Springs
Lighting Rope Lights
Lighting Task Lighting
Lighting Track Lighting
Lighting Trim

Metal Boxes and Accessories
Metal Boxes and Acc 2 Gang Boxes
Metal Boxes and Acc 2 Gang Plates
Metal Boxes and Acc 2 Gang Rings
Metal Boxes and Acc 3 Gang Boxes and Plates
Metal Boxes and Acc 4 Gang Boxes and Plates
Metal Boxes and Acc Duct Sealer
Metal Boxes and Acc Extensions
Metal Boxes and Acc Grounding Screws and Clips
Metal Boxes and Acc Octagon Boxes
Metal Boxes and Acc Round Pancake Boxes
Metal Boxes and Acc Round Plates
Metal Boxes and Acc Round Rings
Metal Boxes and Acc Safety Plates
Metal Boxes and Acc Single Gang Boxes
Metal Boxes and Acc Single Gang Plates
Metal Boxes and Acc Supports

Metal Conduit Fittings
Metal Conduit Fittings 1 Inch EMT
Metal Conduit Fittings 1 Inch Flex
Metal Conduit Fittings 1 Inch Flex Weatherproof
Metal Conduit Fittings 1/2 Inch EMT
Metal Conduit Fittings 1/2 Inch Flex
Metal Conduit Fittings 1/2 Inch Flex Weatherproof
Metal Conduit Fittings 1-1/2 Inch EMT
Metal Conduit Fittings 1-1/4 Inch EMT
Metal Conduit Fittings 2 Inch EMT
Metal Conduit Fittings 2 Inch Flex
Metal Conduit Fittings 3/4 Inch EMT
Metal Conduit Fittings 3/4 Inch Flex
Metal Conduit Fittings 3/4 Inch Flex Weatherproof
Metal Conduit Fittings 3/8 Inch EMT
Metal Conduit Fittings 3/8 Inch Flex
Metal Conduit Fittings Bushings
Metal Conduit Fittings Chase Nipples
Metal Conduit Fittings Conduit Bodies
Metal Conduit Fittings Conduit Body Parts
Metal Conduit Fittings Cord Adapters
Metal Conduit Fittings Flex to EMT
Metal Conduit Fittings Grounding
Metal Conduit Fittings Insulators
Metal Conduit Fittings Knock Out Bushings
Metal Conduit Fittings Knock Out Seals
Metal Conduit Fittings Lock Nuts
Metal Conduit Fittings Reducer Bushings
Metal Conduit Fittings Reducer Washers
Metal Conduit Fittings Rigid
Metal Conduit Fittings Romex
Metal Conduit Fittings Weather Heads

Outdoor Lighting
Outdoor Lighting Fixtures
Outdoor Lighting Replacement Bulbs
Outdoor Lighting Timers
Outdoor Lighting Wire
Outdoor Lighting Wire Connectors

Outlet Strips
Outlet Strips 4 Foot
Outlet Strips Lamp Strips
Outlet Strips Outdoor
Outlet Strips Power Taps
Outlet Strips Shop
Outlet Strips Surge Protectors

Panel Boxes
Panal Boxes Breaker Fillers
Panal Boxes Disconnect Switches
Panal Boxes Fuse Disconnects
Panal Boxes Ground Bars
Panal Boxes Hubs
Panal Boxes Mains
Panal Boxes Pull Boxes
Panal Boxes Telephone and TV

Plastic Boxes and accessories
Plastic Boxes and Acc 2 Gang Boxes
Plastic Boxes and Acc 3 Gang Boxes
Plastic Boxes and Acc 4 Gang boxes
Plastic Boxes and Acc Extensions
Plastic Boxes and Acc Plates
Plastic Boxes and Acc Rings
Plastic Boxes and Acc Round Boxes
Plastic Boxes and Acc Single Gang Boxes
Plastic Conduit Fittings
Plastic Conduit Fittings 1 Inch PVC
Plastic Conduit Fittings 1/2 Inch PVC
Plastic Conduit Fittings 1-1/2 Inch PVC
Plastic Conduit Fittings 1-1/4 Inch PVC
Plastic Conduit Fittings 2 Inch PVC
Plastic Conduit Fittings 3 Inch PVC
Plastic Conduit Fittings 3/4 Inch PVC
Plastic Conduit Fittings Clamps
Plastic Conduit Fittings Conduit Bodies
Plastic Conduit Fittings Glues
Plastic Conduit Fittings Plates
Plastic Conduit Fittings Reducing
Plastic Conduit Fittings Single Gang Boxes

Power Struts and Accessories
Power Struts and Acc Angles
Power Struts and Acc Channel Nuts
Power Struts and Acc EMT Clamps
Power Struts and Acc Rigid Clamps

Range Hoods
Range Hoods Filters
Range Hoods Replacement Lens Hoods
Range Hoods Vent Pipes

Specialty Switches
Specialty Switches Door
Specialty Switches Pull Chain
Specialty Switches Push Button
Specialty Switches Rocker
Specialty Switches Rotary
Specialty Switches Toggle Switches

Telephone Adapters
Telephone Clips and Staples
Telephone Connectors
Telephone Cords
Telephone Handset Cords
Telephone Plates
Telephone Plugs
Telephone Wire

Testing Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Testing Smoke Alarms
Testing Voltage

Timers Digital
Timers Heavy Duty
Timers In Wall
Timers Metal Case
Timers Motors
Timers Outdoor
Timers Security
Timers Spring Wound
Timers Trippers
Tools Automotive Testing
Tools Battery Testing
Tools Blow Brush
Tools Breaker Box Markers
Tools Cable Cutters
Tools Cat 5
Tools Circuit Testing
Tools Coax
Tools Compounds
Tools Conduit Benders
Tools Continuity Testers
Tools Current Sensing Tools
Tools Cutting Pliers
Tools Extractors
Tools Fish Tapes
Tools Fuse Puller
Tools Heat Shrink Tubing
Tools Insulated Screwdrivers
Tools Knifes
Tools Knock Out Dies
Tools Linesman Pliers
Tools Long Nose Pliers
Tools Magnitizers
Tools Multi Function Strippers
Tools Multi Testers
Tools Nibbler
Tools Organization
Tools Power Outlet Testers
Tools Punchdown
Tools Push Pull Rods
Tools Romex Strippers
Tools Spudgers
Tools Strippers Adjustable
Tools Strippers All in One
Tools Strippers Automatic
Tools Strippers Coax
Tools Stud Finders
Tools Tape
Tools Telephone
Tools Universal Wire Strippers
Tools Video
Tools Voltage Sensor
Tools Voltage Testing
Tools Wire Detection
Tools Wire Markers
Tools Wire Tracker

Video Amplifiers
Video Antennas
Video Cleaners
Video Clips and Staples
Video Coaxial Cable
Video Coaxial Switches
Video Component Video
Video Female Fittings
Video Grounding Blocks
Video Male Fittings
Video Modulators
Video Plates
Video RGB Cables
Video S Video Cables
Video Splitters

Wall Plates
Wall Plates Aluminum
Wall Plates Black
Wall Plates Black Devices
Wall Plates Brown
Wall Plates Gaskets
Wall Plates Grey
Wall Plates Ivory
Wall Plates Light Almond
Wall Plates Screws
Wall Plates Stainless Steel
Wall Plates Telephone Brackets
Wall Plates White
Weatherproof Boxes
Weatherproof Boxes Bronze
Weatherproof Boxes Bulbs
Weatherproof Boxes Gaskets
Weatherproof Boxes Gray
Weatherproof Boxes Plastic Covers
Weatherproof Boxes Plugs
Weatherproof Boxes Replacement Sockets
Weatherproof Boxes White

Wire 18 2 Lamp Power Cord
Wire Organization
Wire Speaker
Wire TV

Wire Clips
Wire Clips Alligator
Wire Clips Battery
Wire Clips Insulators
Wire Clips Test Clips
Wire Connectors
Wire Connectors Butt Splices
Wire Connectors Crimp Connectors
Wire Connectors Junction Blocks
Wire Connectors Male / Female Disconnects
Wire Connectors Mechanical Lugs
Wire Connectors Pigtails
Wire Connectors Ring Terminals
Wire Connectors Screws
Wire Connectors Solder Lugs
Wire Connectors Split Bolts
Wire Connectors Tap Splice
Wire Connectors Terminal Kits
Wire Connectors Underground Feed Splicers
Wire Connectors Waterproof Wirenuts
Wire Connectors Wirenuts
Wire Mold
Wire Mold Conduit Baseboard
Wire Mold Conduit Boxes Metal Channel
Wire Mold Conduit Boxes Plastic Channel
Wire Mold Conduit Cablemate
Wire Mold Conduit Chair Rail
Wire Mold Conduit Channel Metal
Wire Mold Conduit Channel Plastic
Wire Mold Conduit Cord Guard
Wire Mold Conduit Cordmate
Wire Mold Conduit Fittings Metal Channel
Wire Mold Conduit Fittings Plastic Channel
Wire Mold Conduit Organization
Wire Mold Conduit Outlet Strips
Wiring Devices
Wiring Devices 15 Amp Twist Receptacles
Wiring Devices 20 Amp Twist Receptacle
Wiring Devices 3 Wire Duplex Receptacles
Wiring Devices 30 Amp Twist Receptacle
Wiring Devices Adapters
Wiring Devices Black Decora Style
Wiring Devices Black Devices
Wiring Devices Brown Combination
Wiring Devices Brown Decora Style
Wiring Devices Brown Receptacles
Wiring Devices Brown Switches
Wiring Devices Clock Outlet
Wiring Devices Cord Dimmers
Wiring Devices Cord Switches
Wiring Devices Decora Color Change
Wiring Devices Decora Style Dimmers
Wiring Devices Despard
Wiring Devices Dimmer Knobs
Wiring Devices Disconnect Switches
Wiring Devices Flashers
Wiring Devices Flat Panel TV Box
Wiring Devices Floor Outlets
Wiring Devices GFI Receptacles
Wiring Devices Heating Elements
Wiring Devices Ivory Combination
Wiring Devices Ivory Decora Style
Wiring Devices Ivory Receptacles
Wiring Devices Ivory Switches
Wiring Devices Lamp Dimmers
Wiring Devices Light Ivory Devices
Wiring Devices Motion Sensing
Wiring Devices Motor Base Plug
Wiring Devices Orange Receptacles
Wiring Devices Photo Controls
Wiring Devices Plug in Switch
Wiring Devices Plug Taps
Wiring Devices Quick Port Design
Wiring Devices Range and Dryer Receptacles
Wiring Devices Rotary Dimmers
Wiring Devices Slide Dimmers
Wiring Devices Socket Adapter
Wiring Devices Surface Outlets
Wiring Devices Surface Switch
Wiring Devices Switch Covers
Wiring Devices Thermostats
Wiring Devices Toggle Dimmers
Wiring Devices Touch Plate
Wiring Devices Travel Adapters
Wiring Devices White Combination
Wiring Devices White Decora Style
Wiring Devices White Receptacles
Wiring Devices White Switches
Wiring Devices Wireless Light Controls

Lots of Electrical Repair Parts

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